Small Tattoo Ideas for Women

Small Tattoo Ideas for Women
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Small tattoos look great and the small size means that you can easily hide or get rid of it if down the track if you come to regret the tattoo.

Small tattoos can be placed on any part of your body, and just because they’re small, doesn’t mean they don’t make a big impact. You know how they say less is more, well that applies to tattoos in some cases.

So finding great ideas for small tattoos was so much fun. These tattoo aesthetics were chosen because they stand out for their design or position on the body.

Small Rose Tattoo

This is a simple rose tattoo positioned on the intimate inner hip area. It gives off romatic, sensual vibes.

Image credit: @ghinkos

Small Back Tattoo

Words and symbols are big when it comes to small tattoos for females. Here you’ve got the back tattoo as well as the tattoos on her fingers and hands.

Image credit: @vivotattoo

Small Matching Heart Tattoos

These heart tattoos match but they are not positioned on the same area and so don’t look like a mirror image.

Image credit: @jooyfava

Small Illusion Tattoo

Got to love this idea. Step into my heart – this illusion tattoo is cute and meaningul.

Image credit: @lesya_spicy

Butterfly Leg Tattoo

On the back of the leg, this butterfly tattoo can be hidden if tattoos are not accepted at work, but so also very cute to show off.

Image credit: @alvina.tattooer

Self Love Small Tattoo

What a great reminder to love yourself than to tattoo it into the palm of your hand. It’s definitely the key to happiness. I just love this one.

Image credit: @golaya.tatts

Paper Airplane on the Inner Lip

Just trying to figure out how painful this would have been. But this paper airplane is so cute. Again, if tattoos are something you don’t want to publicly display, this is a good one.

Image credit: @mayoanj

Finger Heart Tattoo

Simple and understated.

Image credit: @inkedlifemiami

Love Finger Tattoo

You complete me. The word is complete when the hands come together.

Image credit: @jana_luna_tattoo

His and Hers Tattoos

What a statement of love and romance these his only, her one tattoos are. Nothing shows more commitment than getting a his and hers tattoo.

Image credit: @yusuf_bouissenguaren

Wrist Constellation Stars Tattoo

These are so pretty and love how the nails match.

Image credit: @lunablankenstein

Savage Tattoo

She’s a savage. That’s all.

Image credit: @minustattoo

Let’s Dance Tattoo

Positioned aptly on the foot, this tattoo is small and hidden but can be shown off when you like.

So there you have 13 small tattoo ideas for females. Which tattoo is your favorite?

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