Nail Ideas for Spring 2022

Spring Nail Ideas 2022
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Add a spring to your step this Spring with these gorgeous nail art ideas. Fresh new nails can help you feel amazing. Turn your nails into a canvas and express yourself.

The Spring 2022 nail trends include long and short nails, flowers and dotty features, glitter and gold foil to name a few trends.

Blue Round Nails with 3D Art

Blue set of nails with one nail featuring 3D art adds another dimension to the set. This baby blue oval nail set will work in a formal setting or just to work.

Image credit: @getnailsofficial

Short Square Pastel Nails

Baby blue and pink nails with leaf design nail art on two nails is such a cute option this Spring. The blue and pink colors together is such a good combination.

Image credit: @kovacsnoranailart

Multi-Color Square Dotty Nail Set

Something about these nails reminds me of the 60’s. The color combination with the polka dots are so cute. Polka dots are on trend and these colors shout Spring.

Image credit: @hybrylovve

Pink and White Flower Nail Set

This almond nail set is pretty as pink. White embelishments on a pink base are just divine. Spring flowers are so appropriate.

Image credit: @klamaja

Nude and Blue Almond Nails

Nude nail set with two blue marble and gold foil feature nails are elegant and also understated at the same time.

Short Oval French Tip Variation

A slight variation to the french tip design, this set features pointed white tips with a silver swirl. These are uber elegant and would be perfect for a Spring bride.

Image credit: @nia_nails_hungary

Square Orange Acrylic Nails

This orange set of acrylic nails has a couple of feature nails with a matte purple design. These are part retro but also, so fresh and on trend.

Image credit: @paula.sz_nailss

Neon Yellow and Dotty Feature Nails

This color combination works so well. It has three dotty feature nails. The neon yellow and light blue are great together.

Image credit: @indigocavan

Flower Power Nail Set

Orange and yellow square tip nails with a feature flower nail design. This set is fresh and screams Spring.

Image credit: @nailscore

Long Square Brown Shimmer Nails

This combination of glitter and shine is mesmerising. These square nails are sexy and elegant at the same time.

Image credit: @pazurki_u_skorki

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