Here you’ll find salad recipes suitable for vegans, vegetarians, those on the keto diet, Whole30 and more.

5 buddha bowl recipes

5 Delicious Buddha Bowl Recipes

Buddha bowls are a trendy and versatile meal option that are typically composed of a variety of colorful vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats, all arranged in a bowl. Here are 5 delicious recipes to add to your diet.

Asian Slaw Salad

Asian Slaw Salad – Watch Video

This quick, easy and healthy cabbage salad recipe features tangy Asian flavors that are amazing. Make it mid-week if you’re feeling tired. It can serve as a light dinner but makes a delicious side dish and goes very well with really any protein like chicken, beef or even fish. At just 75 calories per serving, this Asian cabbage salad is full of nutrients and great for your health.