Colorful Easter Nail Design Ideas for 2022

Easter Nail Designs for 2022
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These Easter nail designs are sure to impress in 2022. The year is off to a flying start, and Easter is almost here. What better way to get in the mood than to prepair your nails for the occasion. There’s everything from spots and speckles, to 3D art and these designs are on trend in April.

Striped Easter Egg Nails

These pastel striped nails are adorable and the inconsistent stripe thickness makes them look just like decorated Easter eggs. The nail art on these oval shaped nails is on point this year.

Image credit: @_thenailartistx

Bunny Bling

Try assorted designs this Easter with these rounded corner square nails. The nail art here features a hexagonal glitter feature nail, a bunny rabbit design with other fun random spotted nail designs.

Image Credit: @beautifulnailsbyyani

Bunny Nail Art

Bunny nail art variations are just so artsy. These nails are the cutest, with a nude base and french tip and a variety of beautiful nail designs. These square nails are on point..

Image Credit: @Tsumesaurusnails

Baby Blue and Gold Easter Design

This Easter nail art is so elegant. These oval shaped nails feature pastel blue base, nude and cream. One nail features gold foil look and the blue nails are speckled.

Image Credit: @fauxnailsandbeauty

Green Pink and White Easter Nails

Easter egg with speckles featuring one bunny rabbit, these nails are not over the top and so cute.

Image Credit: @nailsbykimmiexo

Handpainted Bugsbunny nail art

What can I say. This handpainted design is good enough to eat. Sarah the nail artist here is so talented. Just look at the detail in that bunny. They are amazing.

Image credit: @sarahsgelnails

3D Easter Nail Design

Can you get any cuter than these oval gel nails with 3D bunny and flower art?

Image Credit:
Image Credit:

Bird and Egg Stamper Nails

The nail art is made using stamping plates. Simple with one nail featuring the art. The rest of the nails feature plain polish containing speckles.

Image Credit: @clearjellystamperuk

Festive Bunny Nail Art

Almond nails with gorgeous nail art featuring a rabbit, striped and speckled nail designs. Not understated one bit – these nails scream Easter.

Image Credit: @nailboomstudio

Simple Understated Easter Nails

Beautiful pastel colors featuring one glittered nail, these rounded corner square acrylics nails are understated but fit the Easter theme for this year.

Image Credit: @cadenas_stovernails

There you have it, ten Easter nail designs that will amaze.

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