Whole30 Meat Snacks

Whole30 Meat Snack Ideas
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We’ve covered snacks high in protein and now we talk about meat snacks that are Whole30 compliant.

Meat snacks are great while on the Whole30 reset diet as they are high in protein which means they keep you fuller for longer and are nutrient rich.

Some snacks require cooking and preparation and some are ready to eat from the packet. Many of these recipes contain beef but most of these recipes can be altered so if you don’t want to eat beef and would rather eat chicken, you can switch. These recipes have been hand selected for their flavor and whole30 compliance. The flavors should still be great, whether you use beef, chicken, turkey, etc., so feel free to experiment.

So here are 7 meat snacks you can eat whilst on the Whole30 reset diet.

Whole30 Italian Sous Vide Beef Egg Bites

This recipe is packed with protein, nutrients and flavor. These are great as they can be prepared ahead of time, and can be taken with you to work or out if you’re travelling. It’s a great snack full of meat.

Source: eatpre.com

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Beef and Turkey Sticks and Bars

Easiest meat snack is beef jerky. Packaged and store bought, these jerky ideas are all Whole30 compliant.

Source: missionmeats.co

Whole30 Taco Beef Lettuce Cups

The meat in these taco lettuce cups can be pre-prepared. On the day, pull out the meat and throw it into a lettuce cup. Add salad. The salad can be pre-prepared too. Easy and healthy.

Source: eatpre.com

BBQ Meatloaf Muffins with Sweet Potato Topping

Sweet potato and meat is a great combination. Meatloaf is easy to make ahead of time and freezes well too. For these, you can use a muffin pan and they look really pretty too.

Source: therealfooddietitians.com

Whole30 Pineapple BBQ Meatballs in an Air Fryer

These meatballs are cooked in the air fryer and if you’re re-heating, you can throw them into the air fryer and they should be ready in 5 minutes. Pineapple and beef make a great combination.

Source: eatpre.com

Stovetop Sloppy Joes

The meat mixture needs few ingredients and tastes great. The components can be made ahead of time and just need re-heating.

Source: therealfooddietitians.com

Whole30 Trail Mix

Jerky and nut trail mix is portable and easy to prepare. You’ve got loads of protein in this quick snack.

Source: peopleschoicebeefjerky.com

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