Cottagecore Style: What is it and how to get the look

Cottagecore aesthetic. Cottage and garden inspiration.
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What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is a movement that is all about the simple, sustainable, natural life. What started in the 2010s and later solidified in 2018 when the movement received it’s name, Cottagecore aesthetic is a trend that is not about to die down. The pandemic gave it a boost when we were all given no choice but to stay home. We had more time to take up hobbies and activities like making sourdough bread, potting around in the garden, knitting, crocheting and macrame.

Cottagecore is about sustainable living, thrifting, repurposing and homemaking. It’s about self-care, and looking after the planet, and going back to our roots. Here’s a TikTok complication on Youtube with lots of inspiration.

The Cottagecore trend is quite popular with teenagers and young adults, so you’ll find lots of inspiration on TikTok. The Cottagecore hashtag on TikTok has racked up 6.3billion views and on Instagram, there are over 1.8billion images tagged with #cottagecore. You can say it’s trending, that’s for sure.

You’ll find everything cottagecore including fashion, do-it-yourself guides and home design inspo. Here’s a tutorial on how to make rose water using rose petals.

Cottagecore aesthetic outfits

Cottagecore fashion is feminine, flowy and frilly. Think floral prints, natural fabrics, light colours, lace, flowy dresses, and crocheted designs.

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Cottagecore houses

To give your house the cottagecore style, you’ll need to think natural warm and neutral color palette. Floral and striped wallpaper as feature walls would fit right in. For decorative elements, think dried flowers, old chipped pots, vintage plates and crockery. Furniture is old and worn, but familiar and cozy. You’ll be searching for a farmhouse dining table, shabby chic side table, mismatched old dining table chairs and furniture, that all seem to go together.

Home decor inspiration

Natural timber really adds that rustic, homey, farmhouse feel to any cottagecore inspired home. Striped upholstery on the chair finishes the look.

Farmhouse sink and wooden kitchen bench fit well with the cottagecore aesthetic.

Dried herbs and flowers scream cottagecore. Practical yet also a great way to decorate a plain wall.

Floral upholstery, wooden feature walls, cottage doors and fresh flowers are the look you’re going for.

Cottage garden flowers stored in a rustic worn pot or bag add a great cottagecore touch.

Rustic chandeliers and wooden touches to the wall do a lot to bring out the cottagecore feel. You can include elements of cottagecore without completely giving the house the cottagecore aesthetic.

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