13 Almond Nail Designs for 2021

Almond nail designs 2021
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Being able to pick your nail design is one way to self-care and look after your mental health. When you look good, you’re more likely to feel good. New nail designs are a great way to add more fun to your life. Here we look at the almond nail design which is on trend in 2021.

Gold glitter tips

This almond nail design features gold glitter graded down in an ombre design. This 2021 glitter design is great for any time of the day. Go to work with these stylish nails and then dress up and they sparkle in the evening. They are classy and mesmerizing.

Instagram @bellesena_nails

Royal blue dressed with gold

This almond nail design has me thinking of the ocean. The white base is decorated with a beautiful blue polish and gold foil. Each nail has a different take on the theme which adds to its depth. Each nail you look at is interesting in its own way. Gold foil is so on trend in 2021.

Instagram @alineloiola_naildesigner

Aqua blue beauty

OK OK so I’m a little biased because aqua is my favorite color but these nails are just so cute. This design is simple, but offers a feature with splashes of white. Pastel colors are on trend in 2021 and if you’re looking for simple, yet stylish, this is one you’ll consider the next time you have your nails done.

Instagram @fusion_nail_bar

Soldier on khaki nails

Make a statement with this army themed nail design. Almond nails ready for war, with a black and fold feature nail on each hand with another accented design of plain gray. If you’re looking for a design that’s a little out there and not your mainstream 2021 design, this is the one to go for.

Instagram @nails_by_tiffers

Gray glitter nails

These almond gray nails are stylish, and would go well with most outfits and colors. You have your plain gray with a a couple of feature nails covered in glitter. The gray is great for day and night, it’s a stylish design for 2021.

Instagram @manicure_nailstyle

Pastel pink with swirls

This almond nail design is so much fun. Pastel colors that go so well with each other, you have a pink base with blue, white and yellow swirls. What a fun design for Spring and Summer. This is so on-trend in 2021.

Instagram @nailsbyvinnyanddustin

Ombre almond white tips

White tips on a plain light pink background is very much on trend in 2021. These ombre nails are great because the white tip and pink base go well together like summer and bikinis. They’ll look great with anything you wear and are great for day or night wear.

Instagram @Yolandanails

Oil painting feature

This nail design is just so interesting. The featured oil painting pallet nails are what makes this design so beautiful. Feature nails are so on trend right now and the oil painting effect is unique and so pretty. The colors used go so well together with the striking hot pink as and the feature colors of blue, yellow, light pink and light blue with hints of foil. Just beautiful.

Instagram @nc_nails_company_italia

Red almond nails with feature

The color red is symbolizes passion, excitement and energy. We are actually wired to think this way and there are studies to show that men’s attraction to women increases when they are wearing red. Interesting. These nails are striking and feature dusty gold glitter. They are more interesting with the variation on each nail. These nails would be great with a black, white or gold outfit.

Instagram @ninna.nails.studio

Nude with white

A different take on traditional french tip, these almond shaped nails are nude with white swirls. If you want a design that’s timeless but also on trend, this one is great.

Instagram @nails_art_by_mila

Pastel beauties

You’ve got pastel, ombre, and glitter features which make these nails so interesting. The pink and blue go so well together. Going to a gender reveal party? Go with these nails. No seriously, these are so cute and great for Spring and Summer.

Instagram @Stanisa_Beauty_and_nails

Green with foil

A gorgeous plain green with feature nails that look like works of art. You have free-hand painted shapes, with a little black and gold foil. These are just so pretty and on trend in 2021.

Instagram @dee_nailedittt

Citrus fun

Nothing screams fun like daisy nails with citrus colors. Variations of yellow and orange tips with daisy nails make this such a fun design. These aren’t as striking as the some of the others we’ve featured but they’re a more casual design that’s definitely great for Spring and Summer.

Instagram @polished_lashed.bylivz

That’s 13 nail designs that are sure to add more fun into your life.

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