Simple Halloween Nails for 2022

Simple Halloween Nails including red and black short nails, spider nails, ghost nails and more.
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Halloween is an exciting time of year. It’s about pretend, dress up, lollies and a chance to change up your nails. If you’re looking for simple Halloween designs, look no further. Here we have 9 designs that you can create yourself in no time at all. Nails are a statement piece and you can find colors and designs that suit your costume.

Bloody Red and Black Design with Glitter Gel

This is such a gruesome look which is perfect for Halloween. The colors black and red are probably two of the most popular colors at Halloween.

Image credit: @a7x_nails

Orange and White Short Nails

Orange and white Halloween nails with a hint of black. You can’t get simpler than this design. It really does represent Halloween very clearly. If you have short nails, this is a great design.

Image credit: @beautyathart_


Purple Glitter Design with Feature Stripe and Evil Eye Nails

This is an unusual design incorporating purple, black white and a hint of green. These very short nails make a bold statement.

Image credit: @by_mama22

Pink Halloween Nails with Spiders

Simple Pink Nail Background with Black Spiders makes a great effect with little effort. You can add the star but there really is no need as the spiders really stand our against the neutral background.

Image credit:

Simple Nude Halloween Nails with Ghost Feature

Another simple design with a neutral nude background with a white ghost. You could even swap the nude for black if you want a bolder look.

Image credit: @hugxnails

Oval Nude Simple Nails with White Ghost Feature

This is a variation to the above design. The ghost looks a little different but it’s along similar lined. Oval nude nails with a white ghost feature on each hand.

Image credit: @nailsx.amnda

Oval White and Nude Nails with Ghosts

The third variation of the nude nails and ghosts looks. This time there are white block nails and the ghosts are a little simpler.

Image credit: @nailsx.amnda

Long Pink Halloween Nails with Spider Feature

So simple. One statement feature nail of spider hanging down from a web. This is very understated but cute. After Halloween, it’s easy just to recreate the feature nail into something else, or paint it plain pink.

Image credit: @_beautybykaylene

Black Nails with Silver Halloween Designs

Black with silver paintings of Halloween related representations including webs and skulls. Very simple but bold.

Image credit: @nail.kandy

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