20+ Nail Designs for Spring 2021

2021 Spring Nail Designs
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A great thing you can do to add a spring in your step is to express yourself through fashion, hair and nails. You’re looking down at your nails constantly throughout the day and when you like what you see, it can improve your mood and help you feel light and happy. Turn your nails into a canvas and express yourself.

I’m loving the Spring nail trends in 2021. We’ve got the pretty pastels, the metallic highlights and base colors, the geometric shapes, fun prints and so much more. Nails in 2021 can be anything from short and neat to long and pointy. So much variety to choose from.

Here we have over 20 Spring nail designs for 2021 that we’ve handpicked to show you for inspiration.

Long pastel tips with line features

This design reminds me of Burberry with the lines down and across. So much fun.

Long pastel tips with line features

Orange tip with electric blue base

Make your presence known with this electric blue and orange design. So much contrast, it’s great.

Orange tip with electric blue base

Gold leaf feature with blue tips

This has to be my favorite nail design on this page. So elegant and loving the pastel blue and pink. They look so good together.

Gold leaf feature with blue tips

Random pastel nails

This nail design is so much fun and perfect for Easter. Why just decorate the eggs when you can have nails to match?

Random pastel nails

Bee inspired

This screams Spring. Love the fun bee design. Just bee-autiful.

Bee inspired

Pastel purple tips with gold swirl

This is an elegant design great for a formal night out. But also great for everyday.

Pastel purple tips with gold swirl

Long yellow pastel design

Hello yellow! You can’t miss these babies. The pastel yellow is great for Spring and this long nail design is on-trend in 2021.

Long yellow pastel design

Blotchy spotty design

Another design reminding me of Easter. Fun and colorful. You can’t go wrong.

Blotchy spotty nail design

Orange swirl art

Simple nail design with a swirl feature. Another great one for Spring. And you can substitute the orange with any color you like.

Orange swirl nail art

Brown swirl design

50 shades of brown. These are fun yet elegant.

Brown swirl nail design

Floral multi-color design

Spring flowers are a great way to celebrate the season. Again pastel colors with a fun design.

Floral multi-color nail design

Elegant cream tips with a floral feature

This nail design is plain with the white tip but the white full floral nail feature really turn it into a more formal design.

Elegant cream tips with a floral feature nail design

Metallic beauty

These nails are so futuristic. Cosmic design with great colors.

Metallic beauty nail design

Glitter bling nails

Great for a formal event, these nails sure sparkle.

Glitter bling pastel nail design

Pastel tips

Fun multi-colored tips, this nail design brings out the fun in Spring.

Pastel tip nail design

Leaf design

Nothing screams Spring more than a leaf design.

Leaf green and yellow nail design

Daisy nail print

Another floral design that is just so Spring.

Daisy nail print

Sporty white tips

White tips nails that have a sporty element to them with the line going across.

Sporty white tip nail design

Blue tip corners

Catwalk nails – so on-trend.

Blue tip corner nail design

Naked nails with gold tips

Metallic nails are on-trend and this nail design just draws you in. They look like they’ve been dipped in bronze.

Naked nails with gold tips

Geometric pastels with swirls of gold

Have fun with colors and shapes. Anything goes in this design and you’ve got the metal swirls which are so on-trend.

Geometric pastel nail design with swirls of gold

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