Acrylic Nail Designs for 2021 that grab attention

Acrylic Nail Designs 2021
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Get set for summer with these on-trend acrylic nail designs. So much variety here from different shapes and lengths to designs that are attention-grabbing and so much fun. We’ve got pretty pastels, metallic features, geometric shapes, long and short, narrow and wide.

Here we have 15 Summer acrylic nail designs for Summer 2021 that we’ve handpicked to show you for inspiration.

Neon Nails

These almost glow-in-the-dark nails are so engaging and fun. Go back to the 80’s with this design.

Photo credit: @cocomaison.nails

Almond shaped nails

These almond shaped acrylic nails are good enough to eat. Great for the office and the night out.

Photo credit: @huaichin_nails

Gold leaf feature with blue tips

This has to be my favorite nail design on this page. So elegant and loving the pastel blue and pink. They look so good together.

Gold leaf feature with blue tips
Photo credit: @viva.las.nails

Multi-colored pastel nails

Be playful with this multi-colored pastel acrylic nail design.

Random pastel nails
Photo credit: @valurs.nails

Coffin shaped nails

Not just for goths, these coffin shaped nails have a narrower square tip. These coffin shaped acrylic nails are on-trend in 2021.

Photo credit: @nailsgraze

Square acrylics with a bling feature

There’s a bit of everything here. These square tips are long, the colours are complementary neon and one nail on each hand features diamontes.

Photo credit:

Stiletto tip acrylics

These are adorable. Love the heart desin on the tip. Don’t get confused with mountain peaks. Stiletto tips are more tapered leading to the tip.

Photo credit: @nailsbyex

Round acrylic nails

Another fun design, these round acrylic nails are on-trend in 2021. Love that baby pink and blue combination.

Photo credit: @spiritnailsandbeautybyfaye

Plain neutral colours

Neutral nails are making a comeback. This look is timeless and suitable for all occasions. You can add a highlight design or two to show them off some more.

Photo credit: @jewelsbyjules81

Metallic nails

The metallic look is very much on-trend in 2021. The metallic colour adds a very nice contrast to acryllic nails and catches the light. So futuristic.

Photo credit:

Mountain Peaks

Similar to Stiletto tips, the Mountain Peak design is not as tapered. This black and red combination definitely stands out.

Photo credit: @_nailsbydenise

All that glitters

Glitter is quite popular in 2021. You can have the whole nail covered, just the tip, add a feature, or go all glitter. So many glittery options for acrylic nails.

Photo credit: @aydanailsalon

Pastel tips

Fun multi-colored tips, this nail design brings out the fun in Summer.

Photo credit: @sweetdeeequihua

Blue tip corners

Catwalk nails – so on-trend.

Blue tip corner nail design
Photo credit: @the_gelbottle_inc

Geometric pastels with swirls of gold

Have fun with colors and shapes. Anything goes in this design and you’ve got the metal swirls which are so on-trend.

Photo credit: @thenailladylincoln

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