20 Green Nail Designs in 2022

Green nail trends for 2022
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You’re going to be green with envy once you set your eyes on these nail designs. You’ll want to save these designs to reproduce them yourself or take to your nail technician.

Green manicures scream fresh and now. Green is quite the color and trending with some amazing designs. Green goes really well with gold and so the foil look with green is on point. Lots of green and white combinations and more.

St Patrick’s Day is around the corner so these designs can inspire you to get in the mood for the day. We’ve got shamrocks to rock your socks off.

So let’s dive in.

Green Gold Nude and White Geometric Design

This coffin nail design is so chic and the colors go together so well. The green here is teal and it really brings out the gold accents.

Source: erinsearle_nailartist

Kiss me I’m Irish Nail Design

A cheeky design for St Patricks Day, these cute stiletto nails feature pine green tips with a beige base and embellished with jewels. You’ve got a couple of feature nails, lips on one nail and the text Kiss me I’m Irish on the thumb. You’ve also got shamrocks scattered randomly.

Source: bewitched.beauty

Mint Green with Flower Design

These very artisitic nails are attractive and the colors are very well suited. The white and mint green go well together and are the perfect backdrop for the flower feeature designs. The gold lines add a nice touch too.

Source: neekogel_official

St Patricks Day Gold and Emerald Green Nails

What an outstanding feature design the rainbow and gold nail is. Another nail features a gold shamrock and the rest are plain pine green.

Source: delicatecaresalon

Mint Green Nails with Brown and Daisy Feature Design

These short square nails are divine. The two feature nails mix it up with a brown background color with a nice white daisy. I have to say I think mint green is my favorite shade of green.

Source: charmingnails_heels

Deep Gold and Forest Green Nails with Shamrock

Such classy St Patricks Day nails. I just love the shiny gold features and the gold at the cuticle base is such a nice accent with the green. The shamrocks make this uber suitable for St Patricks Day but compared to the other nails, I would say these are a little more understated. This design on coffin nails looks great.

Source: nailenvymksupplies

Beige White and Green Nails

Simple design but this color combo is great. The beige base is great with these stilletto nails. The shamrock is understated but perfect for St Patricks Day. I really like the swirls too. A little more casual but super nice nails.

Source: bewitched.beauty_

Marbled Green Oval Nails with Gold Foil

A combination of shiny and matte nails, the green shade here is very nice. You have two feature nails that are marbled with gold leaf designs and this looks great with the oval shaped nails.

Source: nailsby_justyna

Bright Green Nails with Glitter Features

This is a fun design with the two glitter nails and the brighter green. You’ve also got a feature nail with an opal green combination and a gold line dividing the colors. This would be great for Australia Day with the Green and Gold.

Source: a7x_nails

Stripe Daisy and Tea Green Nail Design

Oh wow is all I can say. These almond nails give me cottage core vibes. The stripes with flowers are adorabale and the tea green is so calming. I love these nails.

Source: js.naails

Shades of Green with Gold Curve Design

This almond nail design features three shades of green. I didn’t think putting three shades of green together would look good but this looks great. The wave effect really adds to the design.

Source: diemdidit

White and Emerald Green Short Nails

Plain but really nice, these emerald green nails go well with white accents. The random swirl on the white nail pulls the design together. Understated but really nice.

Source: nikamatusiak

Nude Gold and Green Square Nails

Another understated St Patrick’s Day design, this design has a variety of things happening. You’ve got the nude on a few nails, the green is more a feature color with the shamrock just below the green tip on the pointer finger. You have one gold nail.

Source: obsessedwithdip

White and Green Ombre Nails

These square ombre nails with one nail featuring a gold shamrock are perfect for an understated St Patricks Day manicure.

Source: simply..nail..art

Olive Green and Gold Nail Design

These square nails with gold foil and glitter features are just so elegant. Enough said.

Source: kims_polished_delights

Lime Green and Brown Coffin Nails

Oolala these nails are plain but gorgeous. The color combination is just beautiful and I love how some nails have a hint of the green – it goes so well with the full green nails. These nails remind me of a chocolate mint milkshake.

Source: teressa.nails

White Nails with Green Accent St Patricks Day Nails

Wow, mostly white with green accents and a green glitter feature nail, with a shamrock luck nail, these almond nails are so cute.

Source: weloveglitterdesign

Green White and Gold Checkered Almond Nails

These St Patricks Day nails are another white and green combination but this also has green accents with a gold shamrock. These colors go well together.

Source: thecolorpink

Green Marbled with Gold Foil Nails

Elegantly put together, these long almond nails feature green marble at the tips and at the cuticle alternating, features gold foil which takes it to another level. Just so nice.

Source: wynn.nails.bar

Green Textured Tips

These square nude nails with green textured tips are really trendy. They would suit a formal event and great for day to day wear.

Source: missvanediva

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